Patient Portal Access and Instructions

  • To access your patient portal choose the Patient Portal Access link under the Patient Portal heading. 

  • At the log in screen enter your username and password that was provided to you by our office. If you need help with this information please contact the office during normal business hours.

  • After your log in information is entered correctly you will be directed into your secure patient portal. The first page you see is your "Patient Dashboard".                                                                  From here you will be able to access multiple parts of your                                                                  health record including your complete chart, medications,                                                                 forms to be completed, appointments, billing, send and                                                                     receive messages, and update your demographics and                                                            contact information.  



  • The Chart link will allow you access into your actual medical                                                             record (aka. your chart). After reading and agreeing to the                                                                access requirements you will be able to view each visit summary,                                                     problem list, medications, test results, immunization history,                                                          allergies, educational material pertaining to your current medical                                                    conditions. This area also allows you to update your contact information.

  • The Messages link allows you to compose a new message to our staff, view your inbox for responses, or messages from our staff, and to check your sent messages.  To Compose a                                                                                            new message to our staff simply choose the                                                                                            Compose New button and type out your                                                                                              message just as you would any email. Press                                                                                            Send when done for the message to be                                                                                                    delivered to our staff. Please only use this                                                                                                feature for NON-Emergent situations and communication with our office. Portal messages are not reviewed when the office is closed. 

  • The Forms button will allow you to complete necessary forms that have been assigned to your by our office for completion.

  • The Prescriptions button is how you can electronically request refills for your medications. Once in this tab click the Request Refill button next to the medications you need. A message is automatically generated to our office to the pharmacy designated on this page. Patients are also able to change and update their preferred pharmacy from this page.

  • The Appointments tab shows all previous and upcoming appointments. Patients can both check in for an appointment and request to schedule an appointment from this link. 

  • The Billing tab allows you access to your current statement. In the future, we will also allow online bill pay from this tab on your portal as well. 


Thank you for taking the time to review this information, and for using your patient portal for all communications with our office. For additional questions regarding the portal please utilize the "Chat with us!" box at the bottom of your screen for immediate NON-Medical assistance.



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