Laboratory Testing

We offer in house testing through Rhea Medical Center. If your insurance requires it we can send out specimens to Quest and LabCorp as well.  In addition to all routine blood work we offer services for:

·         Drug Testing

·         Specialty Genetic Testing

·         Pathology testing

·         In-house screenings for Occult blood, Strep,                Flu, and Urinalysis

·         Basic Pulmonary Function Testing

·         Vision and Hearing Screening


We offer quick nurse only/lab visits in the mornings starting at 8:00 am so you can have your labs drawn and on to the rest of your day quickly and easily.

In-office Procedures

We are able to offer several in-office procedures and look forward to adding more in the future.

Currently, we perform:


·         Laceration Repair

·         Skin/Punch Biopsy

·         In-Grown Nail Removal and Treatment

·         Wound Care

·         Foreign Body Removal

·         Suture Removal

·         Wart/Skin Tag Removal

·         IV Fluid administration

·         Xolair Clinic

·         TB testing



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