Billing Information


Payments for services should be mailed to the following address:

Rhea Medical Center Physician Group

22576 Rhea County Hwy

Suite 1

Spring City, TN 37381

Payment Arrangements

All patient balances are due within ten (10) days of receipt of your statement unless other arrangements are made Patients can call 423-285-6281 to discuss payment arrangements.

Assistance Programs

Rhea Medical Center Physician Group participates with the Rhea Medical Center financial assistance program to assist patients with their financial responsibilities. Please call Rhea Medical Center Business office at 423-775-8563 to discuss this program.

Questions and Answers Concerning Insurance

Q: If my insurance has paid, why do I still have a balance?
A: Insurance does not always pay for deductibles, co-insurance, or any “non-covered” charges. Any portion not covered by insurance will be billed to the responsible party.

Q: What if my insurance does not pay?
A: The Medical Center expects insurance payments within 45 days from billing. If payment is not received, the Medical Center will look to the patient or responsible party for payment on the account.

Q: Who is responsible for providing additional information to the insurance company?
A: This depends on the required information. The Medical Center will make every effort to provide any information within its ability. Some info would need to be provided by the doctor or patient. In these situations, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that information is sent.


Q: How long do you wait for my insurance to pay before it becomes my responsibility?
A: Although 45 days from billing is sufficient for most insurance companies to pay or respond, in some circumstances it may take longer. We will make every effort to bill your insurance and provide requested information, but we do suggest the patients take an active role by calling their insurance company to assure the claim is processed quickly.

Q: What is the amount shown on my statement as “insurance adjustment?”
A: These are discounts your insurance company has negotiated with Rhea Medical Center under a preferred provider arrangement.

Q: Why did my insurance company send me a questionnaire?
A: Insurance companies may need to gather additional information from policyholders before processing payments. Most of the time, they are reviewing for possible pre-existing conditions or seeing if services were related to an accident. It is essential that you return the information as soon as possible, for your claim to be processed.


Q: How do I know if my services require prior authorization from my insurance company?
A: Call your insurance company or refer to your insurance handbook for information about prior authorization requirements.


Q: Who is responsible for obtaining Pre-Authorizations?
A: In most cases, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure pre-authorizations are obtained before receiving services. The doctor and the medical center will make every effort to obtain or help obtain pre-authorizations, but patients should always call their insurance company to make sure requirements are met.

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Q: What is the phone number for Medicare?
A: You can call 1-800-322-3380.

Q: What is an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) and why are they given?
A: This is a notice to the patient that services ordered by a physician are not covered by Medicare, and therefore payment for these services is due from the patient.

Q: Why did I get a bill when I have Medicare or TennCare?
A: Most of the time it is due to a lack of complete or adequate information needed to bill Medicare or TennCare for your services. In some cases, the patient may not be covered at the time of service. Please call 423-285-6281 for more information.



22576 Rhea County Hwy
Spring City, Rhea County 37381

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